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Mother's appeal after photos of dead son stolen

Airie Shaw in one of this mother's photos Photo: Beth Colson

A mother who lost treasured photos of her dead infant son when her iPad was stolen from her family's store has appealed for its safe return, no questions asked.

Beth Colson's son Airie Shaw had a neuro-degenerative condition and died in October, two months before his second birthday.

Beth has some of photos of Airie on her phone - but she had hundreds more on her iPad which was stolen on Tuesday from the shop in Waterloo. The pictures weren't backed up.

Beth with Airie Credit: Beth Colson

She said: "There are a lot of photos of him and his big sister who's five that were very sweet of two siblings and they're really important because that would form her memory of her brother."

In a cruel coincidence, she'd lent her iPad to staff at the family business because thieves had smashed the door in earlier that day and stolen the company tablet. Hers was taken in a separate burglary hours later.

Beth hopes by going public someone will return the many other priceless pictures of her baby boy.

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