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The Week On The Web: NY Mayor, timelapse trains, pillow fight

By Chris Howse: Digital Editor

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Credit: ITV News


Is New York's former mayor setting his sights on Boris Johnson's job?

London Mayor Boris Johnson meets with former mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg Credit: PA

Michael Bloomberg was rumoured this week to be considering running for London mayor when Boris stands down. He's got plenty of experience - but would he be right for London? Lots of debate on our Facebook page.

No, not for London. There are cities in USA he could work at.

– Mel Park

People need to stop questioning his nationality and start questioning what he can do for London.

– Seyhan Yusuf


These breathtaking pictures of the sun were taken from a garden shed.

Credit: David Tyler
Credit: David Tyler

You could be forgiven for thinking these images were taken using an expensive bit of kit from NASA. But you'd be wrong. They're the work David Tyler who has a passion for taking pictures from his back garden in Buckinghamshire.


There's never a good time to disrupt the rail network. But a huge engineering project by Network Rail meant four days of work over Easter.

There was clearly a lot of interest in what was going on around London Bridge and Charing Cross with this timelapse getting thousands of views on our Facebook page.


Finally a huge fight in Trafalgar Square.

Nothing for police to worry about. This one just involved a lot of people with pillows - with feathers flying until everyone was too exhausted to carry on. What was it all bout? It was national Pillow Fight Day which takes place falls on the first Saturday in April each year.