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The Week On The Web: Stripy house, high pollution, Abbey Road tour and a boy wonder

By Chris Howse: Digital Editor

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This week, the neighbourly row that didn't just get very vocal - it got very visual too.

Credit: PA

This bold new design appeared on one property in Kensington after neighbours objected to plans to redevelop the site. The owner was furious - and it seems took revenge by painting the house with candy stripes. Lots of reaction on our Facebook page.

Credit: PA

It's disgusting how people can paint anything so obscene.

– Andrew Williams

Love it! I used to live there and someone was always objecting or complaining.

– Tanya Carlton


If you're crossing your fingers for a long, hot Summer - it's looking promising so far. But, just look at what rising temperatures are doing for pollution.

As things heat up, London turns increasingly red - this map from Kings College shows our heavily polluted air. And that can cause problems for anyone with heart and lung conditions.


How do you fancy following in the footsteps of The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Lady Gaga.

Credit: Abbey Road Tour/Google

Now you can - in a virtual sort of way. The world famous Abbey Road studios have opened up their doors - to create an interactive tour. If you fancy looking round the studio, mixing your own song or just learning more about the famous names who've worked there click here.


Getting from one end of London to the other can be frustrating at the best of times. But lucky for the parents of a young London transport fanatic - they have their very own walking, talking human JourneyPlanner.

Sol De Glanville is only five-years-old and can direct his parents across the capital - navigating his way across the map simply from memory.

Find out if Sol can beat the online JourneyPlanner below.