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Re-enactment marks 200 years since Waterloo victory announcement

Actors Michael Bradley dressed as Commander James White and Julian Farrance dressed as Major Henry Percy Photo: John Stillwell/PA Wire

Celebrations have been taking place over the last few days to mark 200 years since the British victory over the French at Waterloo.

And today, true to the spirit of history, two actors have celebrated the moment the news officially reached Britain.

In the days before e-mails, text messages and social media, it took several days for dispatch riders to convey the news.

Actors dressed as Major Henry Percy and Commander James White, who carried the original victory message to the Prince Regent in June 1815, have retraced the route across Europe.

This morning, on the final leg of the journey, they set off from the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, riding through the capital, crossing Tower Bridge for ceremonies at the Tower of London, where they will be joined by an Honourable Artillery Company Light Cavalry escort.

From there, their route takes them across London in a horse-drawn carriage with replicas of the two captured Imperial Eagles and Standards of the French army.

They will eventually arrive at St James's Square and the Waterloo Room in the East India Club, where the message of victory was originally received by the Prince Regent.

The replica Eagles will be laid before Princess Anne by Major Percy in imitation of the moment, two centuries ago, when Britain was told of its historic victory.

The ceremony marks the culmination of around a week of events to mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.

British military commander the Duke of Wellington led Allied Forces to a final, crushing victory over Napoleon on 18th June 1815.

The Waterloo dispatch leaves Greenwich via horse-drawn carriage Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire