Chelsea FC unveils ambitious plans to renovate Stamford Bridge

The plans are not being widely distributed and only a few pictures have been released. Photo: Chelsea Football Club

Chelsea may have just won the title but in terms of Premier League stadium size they’re still very much mid table. But all that is set to change.

The 60,000 seater venue is inspired by Westminster Abbey. Credit: Chelsea Football Club.

The club have revealed ambitious plans to turn Stamford Bridge into a 60,000 seater arena inspired by Westminster Abbey.

It will cost time and money- potentially around £500m over three years - but that’s what constructing a cathedral of football costs.

The plans or the stadium appear to still be in their early stages. Credit: Chelsea Football Club.

So it’s an expensive project but also symbolic. Chelsea have only ever played at Stamford Bridge so many fans will be happy they will be staying there for the long term.

The club will also likely have to relocate whilst the building works take place.

But crucially the extra capacity means greater revenues. And in the days of Financial Fair Play – where you cannot spend beyond your means - cash is king.