Double decker buses 'hotter than the Sahara' during London's heatwave

London mayor Boris Johnson is under pressure to issue health warnings about his new double decker bus during the heatwave.

Credit: PA

A member of the London Assembly claims passengers have been forced to endure temperatures above 36 degrees.

The Green Party's Darren Johnson plans to challenge the mayor at his next question and answer session in City Hall later this month.

Passengers are really suffering on the top deck of these new buses. Transport for London need to consider issuing official warnings about the health risks of travelling on the New Routemasters on really hot days.

Unless we can add some opening windows, these Roastmasters are simply not be fit for the future and will have no place on London’s streets during the summer months in years to come.

– Darren Johnson, Green, London Assembly

But Transport for London insisted the new bus was no hotter than other double deckers.

All buses can be hot during the summer and they all have different systems for keeping them as cool as possible. The New Routemaster, along with many other double deck buses, have an air cooling system that we check regularly. We continue to look at ways to cool buses across our fleet.

– Mike Weston, Transport for London