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Apple Pay arrives on London Underground, but not everyone can use it

Apple Pay, the contactless payment built into the iPhone 6, launched today which means Londoners can now tap-and-pay on the Tube.

Credit: TfL

There were some complaints from users on social media this morning as it emerged that HSBC and first direct were among banks that were not part of the initial roll-out, meaning some consumers cannot yet take advantage of the service.

But Barclays - despite not featuring as a partner previously - confirmed that both it and Barclaycard would be joining Apple Pay "in the future".

The system will also work with the Apple Watch.

Credit: PA

Users of Apple Pay can now hold their phone close to a contactless reader while keeping a finger on the Touch ID fingerprint scanner in order to authorise a payment.

A host of major UK brands and banks have also signed up to support Apple Pay at launch, including Boots, Waitrose and the Post Office, with retailers including Pret a Manger already announcing that the traditional £20 contactless transaction limit will not apply.

Rival Google is set to launch its own mobile payment solution, Android Pay, later this year.