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Terrifying moment cyclist swerves in front of London cabbie captured on film

A London taxi driver caught the moments a cyclist almost went under his car after having to swerve on to the road to avoid a car door.

The car door opened directly in the path of the cyclist, who then had to swerve into the lane directly in front of the cabbie.

Fortunately the driver was able to stop in time, preventing what could have been another tragic fatality on London's roads.

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The incident occurred on Mile End Road in East London. They cyclist is seen wincing in pain and is helped up by two people passing by.

The driver, Aliraj Miah, said the cyclist is fine - bar a few cuts and bruises - and has offered to take him out for a drink.

The owner of the car that opened the door - forcing the cyclist to swerve into the cab - is paying for the damage to the bike.

Miah told LBC the incident shows the need for drivers to check for cyclists before opening their doors.

Drivers always need to check their mirrors before opening the door.

– Aliraj Miah,