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Women jailed for hiding a gun in her sofa

The converted Olympic Revolver found in Cheryl Greenfield's sofa Photo: Metropolitan Police

A woman who hid a gun in her sofa has been jailed for three and half years.

Thirty-three-year-old Cheryl Greenfield from Barking was arrested after police discovered a converted Olympic revolver hidden in her sofa at her flat in Harts Lane in May 2015.

When police interviewed her she claimed that she was concealing it for someone and denied the weapon belonged to her.

Greenfield was later charged with possession of a firearm and remanded in custody. She was sentenced at Basildon Crown Court on Thursday, 29th October after she was convicted of possession of a firearm on the same day.

Forensic examination of the Olympic Revolver found it was a converted blank firearm which had been drilled and could now fire a live round of ammunition.