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Anti-Islamic offences triple since Paris attacks

The number of anti-Islamic offences has more than tripled since the Paris terrorist attacks, according to the latest police figures.

Metropolitan Police statistics provided to ITV London show there were 76 recorded Islamophobic offences in the week ending November 24.

Credit: PA

That compares with just 24 instances in the week ending November 10. The Paris attacks occurred on the evening of November 13.

It is with regret, but something that we have come to realise, through experience, that hate crime can increase during these difficult times.

– met police statement

On Friday night, a man threw a jerry can full of petrol at Finsbury Park Mosque in what police have described as a "clear and deliberate attempt to cause arson".

They have since released a CCTV image of a man wanted in connection to the attack.

Increase in Islamophobic hate crime in London since the Paris attacks

Police say they have increased patrols around local mosques and in areas with large numbers of Muslim residents.

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They also say there are more than 900 specialist officers dealing with hate crime in London and are urging people to report Islamophobic offences.

We will not tolerate hate crime and no one should suffer in silence

– met police statement

Police say they are in regular contact with local Muslim leaders and are continually reassessing the situation.