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Renewed appeal after shot man dies 13 years later

Credit: Met Police

Police are renewing their appeals for information after a man was shot in 2002 and died 13 years later from his terrible injuries.

Marvin Couson was shot in May 2002 in the Lime in London Bar in Shoreditch.

His injuries were so serious he was confined to a hospital bed unable to communicate with anyone or do anything for himself.

Marvin's shooting happened many years ago but you would remember if you were there that night and were one of those who fled in panic as shots were fired inside the bar. We need to speak to everyone who was there that night. I remain concerned some people could have a misguided sense of loyalty and are possibly protecting those who carried out this attack.

Marvin should have celebrated his 40th birthday in November.

If you have information, not matter how small and irrelevant you may think it is, please come forward.

– Det Ch Insp Noel McHugh
Marvin two weeks before he was shot Credit: Met Police

Police officers were called just after 3.30am on Saturday May 12, after shots were fired inside the Lime Bar.

Marvin fled from the bar along with a large group of people.

Outside his friend saw a T-reg burgundy Ford Fiesta, which had at least two black men inside, speed off along Curtain Road.

The vehicle hit him and he grappled with the front seat passenger.

A gun was then fired and the friend walked back towards the bar to see Marvin lying shot on the ground.

Police say Marvin was shot outside the bar, but it is unclear if the shot came from the Fiesta.

Marvin, who had two children, was then 26-years-old.

For 13 years he was unable to care for himself nor leave hospital.

He died in August 2015 from a brain injury which was a direct result of the shooting.

About 600 people were at the bar at the time and more than 200 of the were outside after the shots were fired.

Detectives are still keen to trace the occupants of the burgundy Ford Fiesta to understand the full extent of their involvement.

A reenactment of the moments leading up to Marvin's death will be shown on BBC Crimewatch this evening.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the incident room on 020 8785 8099 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.