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Boris Johnson: 'I want a better deal for the people of this country'

Boris Johnson has said that he will join the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union.

London's mayor put an end to months of speculation, saying that David Cameron's re-negotiation had failed to deliver fundamental change in Britain's relationship with Brussels.

I don't think that anybody can claim that this is fundamental reform of the EU or of Britain's relationship with the EU.

The last thing I wanted was to go against David Cameron or the Government but after a great deal of heartache I don't think there is anything else I can do.

I will be advocating vote leave... because I want a better deal for the people of this country to save them money and to take back control.

– Boris Johnson

He made the announcement made outside his Islington home in what will be a huge boost for the "out" campaign.

It potentially gives them a popular figurehead able to connect with voters.

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