Hundreds of badgers living beneath our feet

If you live in and around London chances are the only time you've seen a badger is dead by the side of the road.

But you don't have to stray far from the city centre to find an active set, if you know where to look.

We'll follow the badger path and when the path forks we'll take the right hand fork. This is where the badger set is all this mound is spoil that the badger has dug out. That is the entrance to the badger set. It is big. Badgers are the JCB of the animal world.

– Dave Witherspoon, West Kent Badger Group

To find them, all that's needed is a little bait and it turns out badgers love peanuts.

This basically is one of them come out and you can see the peanuts that I've scattered around. Costs me a fortune in peanuts.

They're getting on for thirty pounds in weight, they're quite big then. About a metre long.

– Dave Witherspoon, West Kent Badger Group

In fact they're the UK's largest carnivore, even bigger than foxes.

Foxes have over the years have got more used to urban life and badgers are more shy.

Whilst they're more common in the countryside Dave has seen badgers as centrally as Kew, Lewisham and Greenwich.

The number of badgers would run into probably 1,500 or 2,000 but the actual population of badgers is purely guess work.

– Dave Witherspoon, West Kent Badger Group

What we do know is there's probably one underground closer to your home than you think.