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70 firefighters tackle huge industrial fire in east London

Photo: @LondonFire

More than seventy fire fighters worked for six hours to get a "challenging" industrial fire under control in east London.

Ten people had to be evacuated from neighbouring homes in London Road, Romford as there were cylinders inside one of the buildings.

Firefighers said these can sometimes explode when they get too hot so they had to be continually cooled.

The building was home to a range of industrial and commercial businesses including a glass manufactures and a gym.

The fire was made more challenging as there were cylinders in the affected buildings.

Some cylinders can explode when they are exposed to heat so our firefighters have had to cool them to make them safe.

Around ten people from neighbouring homes were evacuated as a precaution but thankfully no-one was involved in the fire and there have been no injuries.

We have also put a 20 metre hazard zone in place because of concerns about the safety of the building’s structure.

– Simon Tuhill, London Fire Brigade

Firefighters were called just before 2am on Sunday and are expected to remain on the scene for some time due to the nature of the fire.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.