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Round-the-world yachtsman airlifted to hospital

The Canadian rescue helicopter sent to take Chris Drummond to hospital Photo: Clipper Ventures

An amateur sailor had to be airlifted to hospital after suffering severe chest pains on the final leg of the round the world yacht race.

Chris Drummond from High Wycombe, was on board the IchorCoal in the North Atlantic, 220 miles from land when he was taken ill.

Chris Drummond from High Wycombe Credit: Clipper Ventures

His condition was stabilised by onboard medics but the crew was advised to airlift the 62-year-old as a precaution.

Because of the strong winds, an initial rescue plan had to be abandoned and a crew was lowered onto the racing yacht to winch the patient onto the helicopter. He was then transferred to the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Halifax where he is undergoing tests.

Yacht skipper Rich Gould praised his crew.

This might be an amateur race, but from what I have seen from my team in the past 24 hours I can assure the crew are anything but!

The total time of the whole operation was little more than 30 minutes from when Rescue 913 began to track us for the primary plan.

Once we changed to the secondary plan it took 14 minutes from the time that we made contact with their guide line. It was very impressive stuff - 14 minutes to lower two men, collect the casualty and extract all three people.

– Rich Gould
The Canadian Rescue 913 helicopter Credit: Clipper Ventures

The yacht was then returned to the position where it stopped racing to complete the race to Londonderry on the final leg of the 40,000 mile journey. The race concludes in London on July 30.