The campaign to raise £150,000 to save a toddler's leg

Credit: ITV London

Two year old Zahra Zulfigar was born with a severe deformity, a rare condition that affects her leg.

Her mum Rehana is now attempting to raise £150,000 to send her to America to stop her foot from having to be amputated.

Zahra Zulfigar was visited by actors dressed up in Frozen costumes Credit: ITV London

Zahra's right leg is missing an important bone. NHS says if she's to walk with a prosthetic leg in the future her leg must soon be partly amputated.

There is an alternative - advanced technology in America could allow surgeons to extend the leg. Her mother has chosen to follow this path.

If I could give my own leg to her I would have, but that's not an option. Her leg is fixable, she's got a perfect looking foot. Her whole leg is perfect, it's just small in size - and if that can be fixed, then why not? Why get it cut off? I don't want to have any regrets.

– Zahra's mum

Zahra has already been through four major operations on her leg, surgeons in London have done all they can.

If her leg is to function it must be extended. Ground-breaking treatment in the USA is the only answer.

Zahra was also born with proximal femoral focal deficiency, which means the ball-and-socket joint in her right leg has not formed properly and she has a short thigh bone.

Credit: ITV London

Rehana must now raise £150,000 for the first four of seven operations in Florida.

"We highly appreciate every single donation. I've been able to take the time out to thank every single person individually, I hope I can keep up with this.," she told ITV News.

She's raised 11 thousand pounds in less than a month via a go fund me page. They to hope to reach their target soon before it's too late.