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Mayor gives go-ahead to controversial cycle superhighway linking Swiss Cottage and Oxford Circus

The green light has been given to a controversial cycle superhighway linking Swiss Cottage and Oxford Circus.

An artist's impression of what the cycle superhighway will look like Credit: TfL

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said construction will go ahead on the day Transport for London published the results of its consultation on the scheme.

With more than 6,200 responses, 60% said they supported or partially support the plans, while 37% did not support them and 3% were not sure or did not given an opinion.

Issues raised with the cycle superhighway included the potential increase in congestion and the removal of the Swiss Cottage gyratory system.

Making cycling easier and safer benefits all of us. Cycle Superhighway 11 will play an important role improving the quality of our toxic air, improving Londoners' health, and make thousands more people feel comfortable cycling.

It will link cycling routes in central London to north west London through Camden, making it safer for local people of all ages and backgrounds to make cycling a part of their everyday lives.

I am determined to learn the lessons from previous cycle superhighway schemes and I've asked TfL to continue to work closely with the local councils and stakeholders to ensure we minimise any disruption to motorists and other road users, both during the construction of the scheme and after it's completed.

This includes ensuring changes around Swiss Cottage gyratory benefit car-users who use that busy junction every day. Improving junctions along the busy route will also make the area substantially safer for pedestrians, and we want to continue to work closely with residents as the scheme moves forward.

– Sadiq Khan