Future Ilford astronaut visits Greek refugee camp

Hussain aims to boost morale for the thousands who have been left stranded in the camps

A 24-year-old from east London who won a global competition to go into space took time out of his space training schedule to visit a refugee camp in Greece.

Travelling with his childhood friend Ahmed Khankhara, mental health campaigner Hussain is aiming to raise awareness of the grueling conditions those living in the camp face both mentally and physically.

Hussain (left) with childhood friend Ahmed, won the global competition in November 2015

We’re hoping to bring as much happiness and normality into the camp for the thousands of refugee children. We plan on gifting balloons which will have a hand written message from that child on it, signifying their hopes and dreams. Releasing balloons is something we all did as kids, and hopefully, by sharing this experience, these amazing children and young people will be reminded to have hope and will set those wishes and dreams free.”


Hussain shot to notoriety when, in 2015, when he won the Kruger Cowne Rising Star Programme following his breath-taking spoken-word performance last November at the One Young World Summit in Bangkok.

From over a thousand entrants from over 90 countries, the champion of the competition won a flight into space. Hussain’s enthusiastic and dynamic stage presence at the live final saw him battle the issues surrounding mental health, leading to a standing ovation from the 2,000 strong audience.