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Seagulls causing north London residents' lives hell

The rise in the number of the ASBO birds exploded this year Credit: PA

A colony of around 40 seagulls is causing sleepless nights for many homeowners along a north London street.

Residents of St John's Grove in Islington say the flocks of angry seagulls is making residents' lives hell with their constant squawking, swooping and leaving droppings.

We tend to have them sitting in the garden and they make an awful racket early in the morning.

I work for the Royal Mail and wear a red jacket and it seems to set them off squawking and flying around. It's really weird.

It's actually quite intimidating and I tend not to where my jacket when leaving or coming back to my house because it gets them so angry.


Islington Council say they cannot do much to rid the street of the troublesome pests as seagulls are protected by Government legislation.

We sympathise with the residents affected by these nesting seagulls and the nuisance they cause, but we would not want these wild birds to suffer.

I have asked the council to visit the area, take action and make sure there is nothing attracting them like food deposits or open bins.

We have to work within the law. Seagulls are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, which makes it illegal for councils to capture, injure or destroy any wild bird, or interfere with its nest or eggs.