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Couple jailed for 'shameless' £1.7million fraud

Jailed: Simon Higginson and Lee Wilis Photo: City of London Police

Two men have been jailed for an insurance scam that netted them $2.3 million over a ten year period.

Simon Higginson and his boyfriend Lee Willis, both from Guildford have started five-year-and four-year prison sentences for their roles in the fraud from the company where Higginson worked a senior insurance broker.

They set up companies companies which allowed them to claim commission in marine insurance deals, faking documents to make Higginson's bosses think the deals were legitimate.

Higginson was sacked from in 2013 and the complex fraud was referred to City of London Police.

The detective in charge of the investigation welcomed the couple's sentence.

Exploiting your position within a company in order to commit fraud will never have beneficial results.

Higginson took liberties within his role at Willis Group Ltd that he had no right to do. He involved his boyfriend who was also completely swept along by greed and was fully aware of the fraud that he was committing.

They both had no problem falsely providing documents in the names of individuals or doctoring company e-mails to help serve their own financial ends and they were completely shameless in doing so.

– DC Chris Glover, City of London Police