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Grieving parents devastated after thieves take headstone from baby's grave

Grieving parents were left devastated after thieves took the headstone from their stillborn baby's grave.

Bernadette North, 39, went to visit her son Mckenzie's grave only to find it had been vandalised.

Bernadette and husband David, 41, were distraught to find that the headstone had been entirely ripped off from the concrete below and cast aside.

What kind of person would do such a thing?

It's not the first time things have gone missing from the grave, but it was the first time it had been vandalised.

I popped by with the family to tidy up the grave before the autumn kicked in.

As my husband was cutting the grass next to the headstone, he realised that it had been chiseled away from the ground it was attached to.

It looks like something that was planned because if it were a drunk, it would have been smashed. If it were a homeless person it might have been sold off.

It doesn't make sense for someone to chisel it away.

Police are investigating and believe it as a personal attack for these reasons.

But without any CCTV in the graveyard how will we find the perpetrator?

– Bernadette North
Bernie and David Mackenzie

Bernadette is now too scared to visit the grave, in case something else happens to it and is calling for tighter security in graveyards.

Over the years, different things have gone missing from the grave like lanterns and ornaments.

It's as if he hasn't been able to rest in peace since he was buried.

There's a lot of things that could break me, but I've had to stay strong.

This has completely broken me and brought back everything from the day I lost him - everything has come flooding back.

Now I am scared of what I will find if it visit the grave.

– Bernadette North

Thames Valley Police are appealing to anyone who might have information to contact them on 101.