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Selfie sticks, CD racks and alarm clocks falling out of favour with shoppers

There's been a sharp fall in sales of selfie sticks, CD racks and alarm clocks as changing technological tastes affect the way we shop.

New figures from John Lewis show sales of selfie sticks are down as much as 50 per cent compared to last year.

On demand entertainment services mean CD and DVD storage are also down and sales of alarm clocks fell 9 per cent.

This was also the year when home technology raised its game, with an increasing range of connected products making it possible to remotely control more items in the house than ever before.

– John Lewis
  • Searches for smart home products on were up 670%
  • John Lewis also saw an 81% increase in sales of smart home products

Aside from home gadgets 2016 also turned out to be the year of the avocado, with searches for avocado-related products 85% higher than last year. Refillable water bottles were also up by 35 per cent.