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Zac Goldsmith tells the House of Commons: Heathrow expansion 'wrong, doomed and undeliverable'

Tory MP for London's Richmond Park and Kingston North constituency Zac Goldsmith has told MPs in the House of Commons that the confirmed plans for a Heathrow expansion are 'wrong, doomed and undeliverable'.

Government has chosen a course that is not only wrong, it is doomed. It is wrong because of the million people who will directly suffer on the back of the environmental harm this project unavoidably produces, and doomed because of the complexities, the cost, the legal complications mean this project is almost certainly not going to be delivered.

I believe this will be a millstone around this Government's neck for many, many years to come.

A constant source of delay, anger and betrayal among those people who will be directly affected.

I have to tell you Mr Speaker there are so many questions one could ask in a statement of this sort.

I wouldn't even know where to begin.

So I simply use this opportunity to put my absolute opposition on the record.

– MP Zac Goldsmith

He intends to honour his pledge to resign and force a by election in Richmond Park and Kingston North in protest at the Heathrow decision, the local Conservative Association has confirmed.

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