Wheelchair users confront transport bosses over nightmare journeys

These three wheelchair users have three separate stories about how London's bus network lets them down.

They contacted ITV London and we arranged for them to confront TfL and bus drivers about the problems they face on a daily basis.

Amanda Philip

The buggies will be on the bus and I try to get on but they say to me that the buggies can't move. But they can actually fold up. But they say they can't move - they can't fold up. So then I have to wait for the next bus and that could be half an hour later or something.

– AMANDA PHILIP, Disability campaigner
James Feltham

Sometimes they say the ramp's not working. All they need to do is roll forward or whatever but they don't. They just say the ramp's not working, you'll have to wait for the next bus.

– JAMES FELTHAM, Disability campaigner
Chris Stapleton

When I'm on board the bus and I want to get off the bus the bus has failed to stop and the bus has failed to deploy the ramp 51 times!

– CHRIS STAPLETON, Disability campaigner

It's not just daily battle with buggies Amanda Philip from north west London says buses often don't stop for her.

James Feltham from from Sutton says buses are designed badly making it a struggle to board.

And Chris Stapleton from Tooting says the problems he faces are getting worse.

Today bus drivers and TFL's managing director were put on the spot by our wheelchair users who didn't hold back

Today's questions were answered but the battle is ongoing for these wheelchair users and thousands like them.