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Police investigating after YouTuber sneaks into Arsenal stadium

The 'urban explorer' calls himself DyingLlama Photo: Youtube/ DyingLlama

Police have launched an investigation after footage was posted online of people sneaking into the Emirates stadium to climb it after dark.

A YouTuber calling himself 'DyingLlama' posted the video online on Saturday. It has since been viewed almost 250,000 times.

In the caption, the user claims he managed to sneak into West Ham's stadium the following day, saying "Crazy that we were able to infiltrate both of these premier league stadiums without getting caught!".

The 'urban exploring' trend, also known as 'urb-exing', sees people climbing buildings and tall objects such as cranes, often illegally, then sharing the footage online.

Police said they had seen the video of people gaining 'unauthorised access' into the Emirates stadium and are talking to Arsenal FC to see whether any offences had been committed.