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Fluent in emoji? This could be your perfect job

There's no getting away from them. In texts, tweets and emails, emojis are everywhere.

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So you won't be surprised to hear that emoji is the world's fastest growing language. In fact it's growing so fast that one firm in the City of London is looking to hire someone fluent in emoji.

In return for what they promise is a competitive salary, Today Translations wants someone to make sense of the latest trends in emoji.

Emoji translation is itself an emerging field – but one dominated to date by software, which is often insensitive to the many cultural differences in usage and interpretation.

We are therefore seeking an exceptional individual to provide the human touch needed where translation software is inadequate – and to help us become the go-to translation experts in this area.

In the absence of any native speakers, the successful candidate should be able to demonstrate a passion for emojis, combined with cutting-edge knowledge and awareness of areas of confusion and cultural/international differences. A practical test of emoji knowledge/skills may be given.

– 'Today Translations' job advert

Successful applicants will need:

  • Bachelors Degree in Translation or 3+ years’ experience of the language industry
  • Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences, with Linguistics, Social Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology or Communication preferred
  • Excellent communication, relationship-building and organisational skills
  • Commitment to delivering excellence
  • Self-managing with an ability to prioritise a fast-paced workload
  • Innovative, flexible with ability to work well with others

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