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Air pollution is now the 'biggest worry of people living in London'

Two out of three Londoners have considered moving away from the capital to escape toxic air, a report suggests.

Morning smog in London Credit: PA

Research by delivery and removals firm found that air pollution is now the biggest worry of people living in London.

London commuters in the smog Credit: PA

Other issues included overcrowding, housing and noise, while one in four said they were sick of public transport strikes.

London Underground strikes Credit: PA

A survey of 1,000 adults found that Devon and Cornwall were the most desirable places to live in the UK.

Typically, people have gravitated towards London because of the availability of jobs, general feeling of prosperity and financial rewards on offer, but it seems that pollution and overcrowding are the key factors in people moving away. The fact that more people are moving out of London than moving in shows that something must be done to improve this.

– Angus Elphinstone, Chief Executive of AnyVan