Bodycam captures moment officers confront man who tried to rape woman in front garden

Dramatic footage has been released of police confronting and then arresting a man who had tried to abduct a woman after he attempted to rape her.

Met Police body cam footage Credit: Met Police

Jakub Kowalczyk, carried out the attack in Matlock Road in Ealing in February.

People in a nearby building heard the woman's cries for help and spotted Kowalczyk pinning the 41-year-old to the ground in shrubbery in the front garden of nearby premises.

He then emerged from the undergrowth carrying the sobbing victim over his shoulder.

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A member of the public shouted at Kowalczyk, who lowered the woman to the ground and tried to run off but by now police had arrived at the scene.

They confronted Kowalczyk who tried to run away. The officers chase and apprehend him. Footage from their body cameras shows them confronting him with a taser and then arresting him.

Kowalczyk later pleaded guilty to attempted rape and was jailed for six years.