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Cat survives fall from car at 65mph after clinging on for four miles

A cat survived a fall from her owner's car at 65mph on a dual carriageway - after clinging on for four miles.

Joanne Smith, 34, was on her way to a funeral when she heard a thud and noticed something behind her Vauxhall Astra.

She was shocked when saw the mystery object get to its feet and realised it was her pet cat Bella.

Joanne quickly pull over at side of the busy A127 in Basildon, Essex, and rang family members to come and help find the two-year-old cat.

She eventually found the terrified cat cowering and meowing loudly in the central reservation as traffic thundered by.

Joanne's brother managed to stop approaching cars so she could scoop up Bella and rush her to the vet.

Worried vets carried out X-rays but were stunned when they found the cat didn't have any broken bones or any serious injuries.

Incredibly, Bella had only received a scratch to the back of her leg and lost her claws from where she had desperately tried to cling on to the car.

The A-road was really busy and I had gone to the outside lane to overtake a lorry.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw something black fall from the bottom of my car.

I thought it was a plastic bag but then it rolled and rolled and got to its feet and I realised it was a cat.

Then suddenly I had the awful realisation that it was my cat and she must have been under the car.

– Joanne Smith