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Abandoned python found on busy road in Surrey

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a python was found in the middle of a busy road near Walton-on-Thames earlier this month.

A passer-by spotted the black and tan coloured snake on Ingrams Close in Hersham.

Seeing the snake was in danger they fetched a box to keep him safe and gave him some water.

I’ve owned and cared for reptiles for a long time and I’m pleased to say the snake is doing well. He’s in good condition, despite his ordeal. He’s a beautiful royal python, just under 3ft long and I estimate him to be roughly six years old, perhaps a little younger.

I’m very keen to find out how he came to be in such a dangerous situation. Exposed like that in the middle of a road could have meant anything might have happened to him, he could have been run over by a car or attacked by another animal.

It would also have been too cold for him, particularly at night when the temperature dropped. He’s lucky to be alive.

– Pete Yarde, RSPCA