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Terrified fox cub saved by firefighters from freezing drain

A terrified fox cub was saved from death when it was pulled from a freezing drain after a passer-by heard her whimpers.

The fox, thought to be between four and five-weeks-old, was rescued after a member of the public heard her cries coming from the bottom of a drain and dialled 999.

Firefighters found the animal in Lewisham, south east London and alerted the RSPCA.

Abbie Fright, RSPCA animal collection officer, said if the cub had been there any longer, she wouldn't have survived.

The fire crew was called by a member of the public who thought a puppy was stuck in the drain.

When the crew arrived they quickly established that it was, in fact, a little fox cub who had fallen into the drain and couldn't get out.

Thankfully they managed to release the cub and I rushed to the scene to make sure she was okay.

– Abbie Fright, RSPCA

The cub was frozen with fear and very cold, so firefighters gave her some oxygen and Abbie wrapped her in towels and blankets to warm her up.

The poor little cub had gone into shock and was very cold, she could barely move her legs.

I dried off her coat and wrapped her up in warm towels to bring her body temperature back up slowly.

The fire and rescue service were wonderful and I'd like to say a big thank you to them for their help in rescuing this little cub.

Had she have been in that drain for much longer I'm almost certain she wouldn't have made it.

– Abbie Fright, RSPCA

The little cub - named Dinah - is now being cared for by volunteers at The Fox Project in Kent.

Dinah didn't look good when she first came in.

She was very cold and underweight. But she's now doing okay.

She's regained a bit of energy and has begun to eat with some enthusiasm.

Luckily, she doesn't seem to have an underlying problems so our plan is to introduce her to a new 'family' group of cubs around a similar age over the coming days.

– Trevor Williams, of The Fox Project