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Wine maker keeps grapes warm in cold weather by lighting over 1,000 candles

A wine maker has found a unique method of keeping his grapes warm in cold weather - by lighting over 1,000 candles.

Mike Wagstaff lights scores of candles underneath vines in the dead of night on his 40 acre vineyard.

As temperatures at night plummet to 0 degrees Celsius the heat generated raises the temperature at the level of the vine canopy.

A drop in temperature after buds break in spring could potentially lead to serious injury of young shoots, spoiling the grapes.

The award winning vineyard in Surrey North Downs in Puttenham, Surrey, create up to 100,000 bottles a year of English sparkling wine, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc.

The celebrated wine maker took over the vineyard in 2010 after spending 26 years in the oil and gas industry, instrumental in creating a successful North Sea oil company.

In 2009 the company sold for a market value of £1.5bn giving the Oxford graduate an opportunity to embark on his dream of owning a vineyard.