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Pet charity warning as cats fall out of open windows

A pet charity is warning of the dangers of open windows as warm weather leads to cat casualties.

With temperatures set to rise Blue Cross is warning cat owners about open windows and balconies after three young cats were recently treated for broken pelvises after falling from high windows.

The three cats, a two-year-old female tabby, four-year-old Kenzo and one-year-old Mishmish, came in separately after each fell out of open windows.

Mishmish fell four stories during the night after owners left the window slightly open for cool air. Kenzo also fell from the fourth floor where he has access to a balcony.

These poor cats will have suffered a great deal of pain after falling and breaking their bones. It is myth to think that cats will always fall on all four paws, which implies an open window or balcony doesn’t pose a threat.

They may well land on their paws but the impact from such a great fall can easily shatter bones, like we can see for these three poor pusses, who are lucky to be alive. Last year, we treated a cat at the hospital who was impaled on a railing after falling from a window.

– Seb Prior, Senior Veterinary Surgeon