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Chihuahua found dumped in the street covered in petrol

A Chihuahua found dumped in the street and covered in petrol was saved by a passer-by.

Credit: RSPCA

The two-year-old dog, called Squeak, was found collapsed in a residential road in Croydon, south London.

He was so weak he could hardly stand with what is thought to be petrol in his eyes.

RSPCA officers collected Squeak and the charity's staff are now appealing for anyone who knows what happened to the dog to get in contact. Animal collection officer Kirstie Gillard said:

Poor Squeak was shivering and whimpering when he was found.

He was so weak he could not stand up and he was absolutely covered in this horrible thick greasy substance - which we think was petrol.

It looks as though someone poured it on him. He had it all in his eyes and was very frightened.

Thankfully someone found him and called us to help him. He's a very sweet little boy. He seems much better now he's had a bath and some food and he is now safe in private boarding.

– Kirstie Gillard, RSPCA