From shotput novice to medalist? Vanessa Wallace goes for glory in the World ParaAthletics Championships

Paralympian Vanessa Wallace is hoping to transform from shotput novice to medalist in just two years.

The 39-year-old from Haringey was born with Ehlers Danlos syndrome, a muscular skeletal condition which started to affect her as a teenager.

It developed into a neurological condition, Dystonia, which meant she could barely move by the time she was 30.

I was bedridden, unable to manage or care for myself, it was a pretty rough time. I was very very low.

– Vanessa Wallace

She now uses a wheelchair and still struggles with co-ordination, fatigue and pain, but sport has changed her life.

She was spotted during a talent day in 2014 and then took up shotput a year later.

Just 18 months after throwing her first shot she reached the finals in Rio Paralympics last year.

There aren't enough muscles in my face to smile hard enough for how proud I am every time I get to put on my GB kit.

Regardless of challenges, what you have to deal with, you've done that, you get to wear your red white and blue.

– Vanessa Wallace

She now has July's World ParaAthletics Championships in London in her sights. She will find out on June 7th if she has been selected.