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Ticket to ride: Sir Paul McCartney travels alone by train

Sir Paul McCartney was spotted sitting alone on a train out of London this week without a bodyguard or entourage in sight.

Credit: SWNS

The Beatle boarded the Kings Cross to Hastings train on his own and took up a seat in first class.

Onlookers said he passed the time by looking at his phone - an old-school Nokia - and reading the paper.

Credit: SWNS

And unlike his heyday when he couldn't move for fainting teenage girls and screaming fans, he was only approached by three or four admirers.

One onlooker, a 21-year-old city worker, said: "He was on his own without any bodyguards or staff.

Only a few people stopped to say hello and that it was nice to see him.

He didn't want photos but he was very polite and happy to chat, taking about a new album he has coming out.

It was unusual seeing such a massive music star just sat on his own.

– Passenger