Minicabs risk bringing London to a standstill, say MPs

Urgent government action is needed to stop minicabs bringing London to a standstill, according to MPs.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Taxis today called on ministers to grant new powers to the mayor.

The MPs' report claimed the explosion in private hire vehicles was to blame for growing congestion and pollution.

The number of licensed minicabs in London has doubled since 2010 to 120,000, said the report.

We're calling on the government to grant the Mayor the powers he needs to cap the number of private hire vehicles in London. We should all be able to enjoy our city without breathing in deadly toxic air on congested streets clogged up with empty minicabs.


Capping consumer choice is not the way to tackle congestion and air pollution, but new technology can be part of the answer. More than half the miles travelled with uberX in London are in hybrid or fully electric cars and our car-sharing option uberPOOL is saving mileage and emissions too.

It’s a shame this report doesn’t address why black cabs are the only vehicles exempt from the Mayor’s new Ultra Low Emissions Zone. This is particularly surprising since Transport for London figures show black taxis are responsible for 18 per cent of road transport Nitrogen Oxide emissions in central London.

– Uber