Mother 'asked to lie to police' over boy's death

The mother of a boy who was allegedly battered to death in a park by her boyfriend has told a jury how the accused asked her to lie to the police about what happened.

Alex Malcolm, five-year-old child who was allegedly battered to death in a park by his mother's boyfriend Marvyn

Lilya Breha says the defendant then choked and beat her as she desperately tried to call for help.

She told the court that Marvyn Iheanacho asked her to say she was with him in the park when her five year old son sustained his fatal injuries.

Miss Breha said her boyfriend took Alex to a park in Catford in November last year without her knowledge.

Marvyn Iheanacho Credit: Facebook

On his way back to their home he'd called her and asked her to meet him outside.

She told the court she screamed when the accused got out of a cab carrying her son.

She said: "I shouted, what have you done to my son? He was holding Alex like a baby. Alex was unconscious and his face was disgusting. He was black and blue."

The couple took Alex into the flat and stripped him off. Iheanacho suggested giving the youngster a bath to bring him round but it didn't work.

At this point Miss Breha was standing in the doorway and the defendant was sitting on the bed. She said she shouted: "You're a danger to my family".

She told the jury: "Whatever he did to Alex, he knew what he was doing. It was premeditated".

Miss Breha alleges Iheanacho then jumped up and punched her hard on the left side of her face: "It was the hardest punch I had in my life".

Miss Breha claims the defendant kept telling her to calm down and when he threw her to the floor she used the opportunity to grab the phone and call the emergency services.

When her son was being put into an ambulance it's alleged the defendant ran after her, grabbed her by the shoulders and said: "You have to say you were in the park with me because you know Alex was in my care and it's not going to look good for me".

Miss Breha claims her boyfriend gave her different versions of how Alex's injuries were caused.

Miss Breha was asked to read an extract from the defendants diary in which he described hitting the youngster on a previous occasion.

It said: "Do I really love Alex, 5 year old, cute little boy who wants Daddy Mills to love him, protect him but most of all even though I had to beat him for sicking up in the cab just now. Five years old, small, cute lil boy who want nothing more than Daddy Mills to love him, protect him, but most of all keep him from harm."

Iheanacho denies murder.