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Croydon cat killer 'may have beheaded a deer'

The so-called 'Croydon cat killer' is believed to have struck again - this time beheading a deer.

Aerial view of Norwood and Croydon

The animal killer is thought to have killed more than 250 creatures and has now been linked to the mutilation of a deer in south Croydon.

Butchered deer are usually considered the work of poachers. But the injuries on a hoof and the head of the animal are consistent with those found on cats and foxes, according to a charity investigating the animal deaths alongside police.

The attacks come after two cats and a fox cub were found beheaded in Surrey in the space of a week earlier in July.

After consultation with the police we have ruled the deer's head and paw found in the area of Sanderstead into the cat killer investigation.

Previous to this, we have not considered deer as likely victims but the body parts had signature wounds not on release to the public.

A great deal of deer carcasses are not due to [the suspect] - instead, the result of hunting activity - but we now do want to be notified if further deer bodies or parts are found.

– South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty