Brick-by-brick: Rebuilding the pub demolished illegally by developers

Demolished illegally by developers but instead of building new flats here they're rebuilding the Carlton Tavern, brick-by-brick.

It is more than 2 years since the pub was torn down. The day before it was due to be given listed status.

On the day it was demolished I spoke to the owners who told me their intention was to prevent it from being listed.

But the crafty tactic to smash through planning laws was quickly rumbled. A court ordered they must rebuild it exactly as it was before.

Loved by locals it was one of the few remaining pubs in this part of London.

It is coming back. I just look forward to going in there and saying 'mine's a pint!'

– ROB COPE, Friends Of Carlton Tavern
Carlton Tavern before it was demolished

The pub is expected to return next year. Beer bubbles will soon rise from the rubble.