Lord Coe: Bike thefts and street gangs deterring exercise

Young Londoners are put off cycling to school because of bike thefts and street gangs, former Olympic boss Lord Coe today claimed.

In a thinly veiled attack on the government, he called for a 'coherent' policy to encourage physical activity.

Lord Coe, president of the governing body of athletics, was speaking at the start of the World Athletics Championships in London.

The 2012 Olympics adopted the slogan 'inspire a generation' to try to motivate more young people.

But figures from Sport England suggest the number of adults taking part in sport is unchanged from five years ago.

If you sit down with young people in a London borough as I did not long ago and talk to them about maybe cycling to school they smile and say the bike gets nicked and I walk through gang boundaries.

That's not about sport. That's about local policing. If you are really wanting to address this then this is about tax and spend, it's about social policy, it's about making sure health and education are tied.