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'Brake would make no difference', says accused cyclist

A cyclist accused of knocking down and killing a mother-of-two told jurors it "wouldn't have made a difference" if he had a front brake.

Charlie Alliston Credit: PA

Charlie Alliston, 20, collided with HR consultant Kim Briggs, 44, at OId Street, central London in February last year. Mrs Briggs died from her injuries a week later, having suffered two skull fractures.

Kim Briggs Credit: PA

Alliston, who was 18 at the time, was riding a "Planet X" fixed wheel track bike, which illegally had no front brake, jurors heard.

Expert tests conducted afterwards found if the bike had a front brake, he would have been able to stop and avoid the collision, it is said.

He described himself as a "confident and competent" cyclist, but was unaware of the regulations that fixed wheel bikes needed a front brake.

Alliston said he had six to eight months' experience as a courier before the crash, using a different fixed wheel bike.

Asked if he felt safe working in London during that period, he said: "Safe, es, in general. I was confident and competent."

He said he had no collisions during the period working as a courier, adding "not once at all". His courier work stopped "a little while" before the crash, jurors heard.

Alliston, of Bermondsey, south east London, denies manslaughter and causing bodily harm by wanton or furious driving. The trial continues.