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'Pop up woodland' greets Willesden Green commuters

The 'Gum Forest' can be seen at Willesden Green for one day only. Credit: Chewing Gum Action Group

Willesden Green tube station is being transformed into "a wild woodland" in a bid to get people to dispose of their chewing gum more responsibly.

Commuters have been treated to the sight of mosses, ferns, toadstools and even birch trees as the anti-gum littering campaign hopes to give them "something to chew on".

The 'Gum Forest' will be divided between Brent’s community gardens. Credit: Chewing Gum Action Group

The Chewing Gum Action Group said the venture is the UK’s "first tube station surrounded by a pop up woodland", and named it "the Gum Forest".

Recognising that our surroundings can add to our happiness levels means that we can start to make choices about our behaviour that minimise the risk to our environment, leaving us with outdoor spaces that are consciously clean and pleasant places where we wish to spend our time.

– Psychologist Emma Kenny

Though the Gum Forest will remain at Willesden Green for just one day, it will them be divided between Brent’s community gardens and live on there.

You can click here for more information on the project.