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Money allegedly stolen from flat inside Grenfell Tower

Money has allegedly been stolen from an abandoned flat. Credit: ITV London

Money has allegedly been stolen from an abandoned flat inside the burned out Grenfell Tower.

ITV News understands that a large sum of money has gone missing from one of the lower flats untouched by the fire.

When residents were allowed back into the building last week, the occupant said they found the money was no longer there.

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The resident has told ITV London they are "beyond devastated" with the alleged theft which is believed to have taken place some time between 20 June and 8 September.

Metropolitan Police detectives say they are investigating the claims.

An investigation into the alleged theft is now being carried out.

Steps have been taken to review the security of all the flats within Grenfell Tower and some changes immediately put into place.

– Metropolitan Police spokesperson