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'Piegate' controversy leaves former Sutton goalkeeper with depression

Former Sutton goalkeeper Wayne Shaw says the 'piegate' controversy has left him with depression.

Shaw was seen eating a pie on the bench during Sutton's televised FA Cup loss to Arsenal in February - something a bookmaker had offered odds on the likelihood of him doing.

Speaking to ITV News the 45-year-old said he was taking medication for depression and anxiety.

I've gone back to depression - depression and anxiety, back on the tablets. I have suffered before and it has come back and it's been a massive mental strain.

– Wayne Shaw

Shaw left Sutton in May and on Wednesday was fined £375 and suspended from all football-related activity for two months by the FA for betting-related offences.

The charge of intentionally influencing a football betting market, which Shaw denied, was found proven at an Independent Regulatory Commission hearing.

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