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75-year-old man nearly blinded after corrosive liquid attack

A moped gang nearly blinded a 75-year-old man after spraying him with a toxic chemical then snatching his expensive watch.

The robbers casually approached their victim on a busy high street before before spraying a noxious substance in his face.

The gang grabbed his wrist and stole the custom-made Cartier Pasha watch - a luxury model which can cost upwards of £3,000.

They then fled on a moped while paramedics rushed to the scene and treated the man for an eye injury.

This is a despicable attack on an elderly gentleman going about his daily business.

The victim was unable to defend himself against this vicious robbery which was following up by a senseless attack with what we now know to be a noxious substance.

A specialist has confirmed that were it not for the swift intervention and treatment he received from people who attended to him at the scene, he may well have lost his sight in one eye.

– Detective Sergeant Amar Patel, Harrow CID

No arrests have been made after the robbery, in Harrow, north London.