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'Terrorists will never win' vows MP who tried to save officer killed in Westminster attack

The MP who tried to save the life of PC Keith Palmer during the Westminster attack vowed the terrorists would never win.

Tobias Ellwood helps emergency services at Westminster after the terror attack in March Credit: PA

Speaking to ITV News Tobias Ellwood recalled the moment six months ago the attack unfolded. He ran towards the sound of gunfire to help PC Palmer after he was stabbed by Khalid Masood.

The former Army officer gave first aid on Westminster's courtyard just minutes after the attack.

Tobias Ellwood in the courtyard at Westminster after the terror attack in March Credit: PA

I'm an interventionist in my nature. That's why I joined the Army and why I got involved in politics.

Wanting to help and wanting to do that. But I was only able to help because of that [Army] training.

Many people have come up to me to say 'I'm now going to go and do some first aid training just in case I'm in that situation to be able to offer help.'

– Tobias Ellwood MP, Foreign Office minister

In a year which has seen a series of terror attacks in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, Mr Ellwood said the fight against terror would eventually be won, but it would take time.

They will never win. We are all going to stand together. We have an awful lot of work to do and it will be generational in order to counter this.

– Tobias Ellwood MP, Foreign Office minister

Mr Ellwood paid tribute to the work done do break down Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, but said extremism had flourished elsewhere.

Education is a more sustainable weapon against extremism than any army. Education doesn't tell you what to read it tells you how to read. It doesn't tell you what to think - it tells you how to think.

You can then be selective and questioning - so critical thought is actually going to prevent any extremist from getting into your head to be able to make you believe that it's a worth cause to kill other people.

– Tobias Ellwood MP, Foreign Office minister

He said 2017 had been a tough year for Britain as the country faced terror attacks, the Grenfell tragedy, the fallout from Brexit and a close General Election.

But Mr Ellwood believed the events would only make the country stronger.

The Mosque has been replaced by the internet as the main communicator, so these are the challenges we face today.

If we do give up, the terrorist wins and that’s a position I can never accept. Because there are stars shining above us with names on and they are looking down at us and they want us to do more.

We're living in very dangerous times and you can understand that people feel less safe and less confident than in the past.

Yes, we've had a turbulent year. Yes it's been difficult. Yes we've been challenged. But we've endured worse before. We will continue, we will endure - and we will be stronger.

– Tobias Ellwood MP, Foreign Office minister

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