Hashtag United: Online football stars heading for Wembley

Hashtag United is the most famous team you have probably never heard of. The players are treated like celebrities and asked for selfies and autographs.

Credit: YouTube/Spencer FC/Hashtag United

As a team - a lot of people seem to recognise us which is very weird for us obviously. Not playing at the highest level and suddenly being recognised like you're a star is quite odd.

– DAN BROWN, Hashtag United

The team which is mostly made up of a bunch of school mates mainly plays behind closed doors while their fans stay at home watching online.

Credit: YouTube/Spencer FC/Hashtag United

I think one of the reasons YouTube football has become popular is it's a bit more of an alternative to the modern day mega-rich footballers running around and once the final whistle goes they feel untouchable - they're like super-celebrities.

But with YouTubers, people feel like they're your mate. And it's true. We go and meet the people who are watching our videos.

– SPENCER OWEN, Founder, Hashtag United
Credit: ITV News

The team gets sponsored but the cost of hiring cameras and stadiums makes it difficult to make a profit although they do no have a handful of employees.

Credit: YouTube/Spencer FC/Hashtag United

There is no fixed goal - just keep doing what we're doing. We basically the guys who grew up together playing football in a park or the school playground and we're now travelling round the world - we're playing at Wembley Stadium on 7th October. We've already sold 20,000 tickets for that game and we're hoping to sell more than 30,000.

We've got some big names in football, people like Steven Gerrard and Rio Ferdinand playing in that game with us.

– SEB CARMICHAEL-BROWN, Commercial Director, Hashtag United

They may not have been good enough to be pros themselves but they are managing to live the dream of many fans.