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Cement mixer tweaked to prepare meat by kebab shop supplier

A cement mixer was adapted to prepare meat by a kebab shop supplier.

Credit: Sevenoaks District Council

Sukru Ahmet, 60, was jailed for four months after he was caught with a six tonne stash of poultry unfit for human consumption.

Inspectors who raided his business, UK Chicken Doner and Poultry Ltd, also found the cement mixer which had been tweaked to mix meat.

Credit: Sevenoaks District Council

Sevenoaks District Council said the case is 'one of the most serious breaches of food safety laws' it has ever seen. A judge fined the company £30,000 and ordered it to pay £23,760 prosecution costs.

Credit: Sevenoaks District Council

The Council has also been granted a Prohibition Order to prevent Mr Ahmet from the management of any food business in future.

This is one of the most serious breaches of food safety laws the council has ever come across.

Consumers must have confidence that their meat is prepared in a safe, approved environment and is fit for them to eat.

Mr Sukru Ahmet and his company had no regard for the food safety laws that exist to protect the public.

The substantial fine and custodial sentence handed down by the court demonstrates the seriousness of the case.

– Councilllor Matthew Dickins, cabinet member for Direct and Trading Services