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How Sutton's amazing FA cup run transformed their fortunes

This season's FA Cup adventure is about to begin for Sutton but they are still counting what they made from last time round.

Their successful run brought around a million pounds into the club and they have used it to update their basic facilities.

This is what the dressing rooms looked like before they spent £150,000 upgrading them.

Dressing rooms before being upgraded

Well, quite a lot of the money was spent on these wonderful new dressing rooms for the players. Both home and away have been refurbished totally.

Players have all got their own little cubby holes to put their bits and pieces in during match days.

This used to be a 50s-style bath which has been concreted in and the dressing rooms are now double the size they were.


Last season, Sutton - a team of part-timers made a big impact, knocking out Leeds and AFC Wimbledon. But they were eventually beaten by Arsenal after a 2-nil defeat.

Arsenal's Theo Walcott celebrates scoring his side's second goal during the FA Cup, Fifth Round match against Sutton United Credit: PA

When Jamie Collins isn't grafting on the building site he's the club's captain.

As a non-league player the biggest thing is the FA Cup. And that's the magic of the cup. You never know - you watch it as a kid growing up.

And obviously taking part in it. The dream's always there. And as a non-league club you've always got that dream.


Sutton now have a new club shop old worn floors inside the club had seen better days but have now been replaced.

The leaking roof has been fixed as part of the makeover.

The club still has enough money left over to improve its academy facilities. They're going to be spending around £300,000 next year on a new pavilion which will include four new classrooms and four new dressing rooms.

The FA Cup is often criticised for losing its magic but the competition can breathe new life into teams like Sutton who have got no where near winning silverware.